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Benefits include:

The Barcode Registry is the fastest way to link your company and product details to your barcode numbers. Simply fill out a registration form for each of your barcodes and the company and product details you specify will be automatically published to our proprietary database as well as several of the world’s top Verification APPs.

The Barcode Registry uses the enormous power of Amazon's SageMaker A.I. technology to provide your products with the most advanced anti-counterfeiting defense available. Simply upload 20 or more images of each of your products to automatically create a machine learning model. A consumer can then use the ProductShield App to scan your product and see if it is real and if it can be legally sold at that vendor.

Every barcode and product that is registered is given its own dedicated web page with its own URL. This webpage will be indexed weekly by Google and is an easy means for prospective retailers or customers to find you.

Your product and barcode details will be automatically uploaded into all sanctioned barcode registries including IndiaBarcodeRegistry.com, ChinaBarcodeRegistry.com, UKBarcodeRegistry.com, CanadaBarcodeRegistry.com, and more.

Used as a secondary tool for barcode verification by Google’s Jet and several major retailers, membership in The Barcode Registry will give your barcodes an automatic listing inside UPCItemDB.com.

Used by Shopify for product verification, our API connects directly to UPCLookup to place your barcode and product directly into their database.

Your barcodes and products will also be submitted to the official ProductShield APP as well as VerifyMyBarcode (the #1 barcode verification scanning App.)

As a member of The Barcode Registry, you can download unlimited QR Codes. QR Codes are used to launch your website inside the browser of any mobile device.

As a member of The Barcode Registry, you can download unlimited GTIN Codes. Also called SCC codes, these are primarily used for shipping containers sent to warehouses.

All barcodes and products registered in The Barcode Registry receive a time and date stamped verification certificate.

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“After a truck carrying a pallet of my custom iPhone cases was stolen, I was notified via the ProductShield app that a vendor on the other side of the country was illegally selling them.  I was able to verify this and have it stopped. It made me feel very thankful that The Barcode Registry was looking out for me.”


“I have been a member of The Barcode Registry for several years and have a ProductShield badge on all of my products. It truly gives me peace of mind knowing that the business I have worked so hard to build  has that extra layer of protection."  


“I have always had my product manufactured in China without thinking about it being counterfeited over seas.  Thanks to The Barcode Registry and ProductShield, I was able to discover what was going on.  I have since had that Chinese manufacturer flagged and now have my product Made in the USA.  Joining The Barcode Registry is one of the best decisions I have made for my business!”