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Used by businesses around the world, The Barcode Registry is the web's most powerful database tool designed specifically to verify a barcode's ownership. Whether your barcodes were purchased from a legitimate 3rd party vendor or directly from GS1, The Barcode Registry aggregates and filters this information to return the most accurate barcode ownership results possible.

The Barcode Registry is also the fastest way to link your company and product details to your barcode number. Simply fill out the registration form for each of your barcodes and this information gets instantly published to our proprietary database as well as several of the web's most popular scanning Apps. This makes verification of your barcode by retailers extremely fast and easy.

Benefits of Registry Membership

Company Details

Automatically Links your Company’s details with its Associated barcode

Dedicated Web Page

Includes a Dedicated Web Page for all Registered Barcodes and their Products

Register Barcodes

Membership includes 10 Free Registrations. (Additional registrations may be purchased for as little as $1.99)

Product Feeds

Easily Generate Google Product Feeds for submission to Major retailers

Google Indexing

Automatic Monthly Google Indexing of your barcodes

Google's Jet

Automatic Submission to the database (used for barcode verification by Google’s Jet and several other major retailers.)

Mobile APPs

Automatic submission to the top Verification Apps including BarcodeAPP, AmazonVerify, and BarcodeVerificationAPP


Certificates of Registration to help protect your barcodes from pirating and fraud.

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