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The Fidget Flipper

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Product Description

The Fidget Flipper is a silicon-based 1 part product that allows users to slide it onto any pen or pencil and fidget in a discreet way. It provides a variety of different fidgeting functions; such as popping it, rolling it, clicking it or flicking it. The product may also be used without a pen altogether. The product can be used to relieve stress, boost concentration, or help with other conditions like ADHD.

Product Details

Name: The Fidget Flipper
Price: 6.40 USD
Condition: new
Color: Black
Size: H13 x W21.5 x L21.5 mm
Age group: kids
Gender: unisex
Brand: Fidgetry
Barcode #: 752830215054
Category: toys
Registered: Oct 02, 2017
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Name: Fidgetry
Phone: +447773428452
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