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Sausage Sauce Spicy

Montauk New York Style Spicy

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Of course, the best "condiment" for sausages is sautéed peppers and onions. So for the next tailgate I experimented and created the first homemade recipe of sautéed peppers and onions in a bottle. It was delicious! All the flavor of the caramelized sautéed peppers and onions, pureed and conveniently available anytime I wanted. And that was how “Kettle Cooked Peppers and Onions Sauce” from Montauk Kitchen was born! In 2012, I decided to bring this unique, all natural, no sugar, gluten free condiment to life. I took my patent pending bottled recipe on the road and began building my business one store at a time. My approach was simple - I am a proud Long Island family guy sharing my product with enthusiasts who share my passion for food excellence. It’s made with the freshest ingredients in small artisan batches! And the best part? It can be used on everything! While my Kettle Cooked Peppers and Onions Sauce was developed as a no brainer for all types of sausages, it has amazing versatility. * Vegetarians have raved about the flavor brushed onto grilled vegetables, poured over veggie burgers, and used as a dipping sauce for raw veggies. * Meat lovers enthusiastically shared how delicious it tastes on turkey burgers, chicken burgers and cheese steaks; as a marinade for skirt steaks and kabobs; and as a dipping sauce for chicken cutlets. Still others have shared how they’ve used it with eggs, in meatloaf, stir fry recipes, and over rice. The possibilities are truly endless. Montauk Kitchen Kettle Cooked Peppers and Onions Sauce is now available in two flavors (Original and Sriracha). Pick up a bottle and check it out for yourself! From our home to yours! Montauk Kitchen

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Name: Sausage Sauce Spicy
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