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Hand Rolled Unsalted European-style >82% Butter - 1 LB

Product Description

This isn't your run-of-the-mill butter you find in the grocery store. Our European-style Artisan Butter reminds you of how butter is supposed to taste. We churn our butter in small batches from fresh, local cream. The higher butterfat content makes it perfect for baking and the low moisture content makes it ideal for use at higher cooking temperatures!

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Name: Hand Rolled Unsalted European-style >82% Butter - 1 LB
Price: 7 USD
Condition: new
Size: 1 lb Roll
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Brand: Sawatch Artisan Foods
Barcode #: 850018346023
Category: Dairy
Registered: Dec 09, 2020
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Name: Sawatch Artisan Foods
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