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Heavenly Dreams Creme

cream, creme, lotion, aromatherapy, essential oils

Product Description

It comes in a light, refreshing lemony scent. It makes you join the league of those who are enjoying the real deal. You can look chic, beautiful and full of poise with this unique product. This specially distilled cream helps to fill delicate fine lines and increase skin suppleness due to its high concentrate of Vitamins A, E and F. Lost Collagen and Fibronectin in the Skin have also been tested and proven to be revitalized by this product. The advanced formula used in the production of this dynamic moisturizing body cream is a reflection of the high commitment to research and development by the manufacturers. It is the ideal product for anyone who desires nature’s best. 8 oz.

Product Details

Name: Heavenly Dreams Creme
Brand: Awakening Spirit
Barcode #: 793888997943
Category: cream, creme, lotion
Registered: Oct 14, 2021
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Company: Awakening Spirit, Inc.
Contact Last Name: Kathleen
Contact First Name: Flanagan
Phone: 303-518-1638
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