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Chill Out for Stress Relief

stress relief, chill out, aromatherapy, essential oils

Product Description

Sounding too technical and science-oriented might not do justice to the efficacy of this product. There are multiple features that you enjoy with the use of this product. It brings a calming effect to your system and gives you a glow that is unparalleled by any other channel. It is good for people of all ages. It relaxes the nerve centers no matter how busy your day has been and it gives you relief in quick succession. Anyone who wants to keep leading the field can take advantage of this product to keep heads turning in their direction. The dynamic contents of this product are easily absorbed by the skin, and it is hypoallergenic which makes it non-irritating. 1 oz.

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Name: Chill Out for Stress Relief
Brand: Awakening Spirit
Barcode #: 793888994942
Category: therapeutic oil, oil, stress relief
Registered: Oct 14, 2021
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Company: Awakening Spirit, Inc.
Contact Last Name: Kathleen
Contact First Name: Flanagan
Phone: 303-518-1638
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