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Grounded Reed Diffuser

Fragrance Reed Diffuser, Home Fragrance, Bamboo Reed Diffuser

Product Description

EXPAND YOUR SELF-CARE: Choose Your Mood has always anchored the experience of self-care in the science of aromatherapy. Now, we've created a diffuser designed to elevate your environment, with five scent profiles in the diffuser designed to create the mood shifts you know from other Lifetherapy products. Diffusers can be used to ignite creativity, inspire imagination, and ground yourself and those around you with a deeper sense of self and purpose. Thoughtfully adding and elevating your every day can allow you to shift and uplift your mindset. Diffusers are a mindful way to add mindfulness into your environment, so that even on your craziest days, you're anchored in scents that uplift your subconscious mind and ignite your potential. 8 FL OZ

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Name: Grounded Reed Diffuser
Brand: Lifetherapy
Barcode #: 793888473607
Category: Home Fragrance
Registered: Jul 12, 2021
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