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Small Oxygen Stack (63mm) Alternative Pool Sanitation

Product Description

A Small Oxygen Stack (63mm Array) used with the ZeroChlor Pool System for Sanitation of swimming pool water. ZeroChlor oxygen stacks should not degrade or need to be replaced under normal conditions. The oxygen stack is what the system uses to generate powerful sanitizing hydroxyls. Oxygen arrays generally only need to be replaced due to falling tree damage or extreme water chemistry damage such as very low pH over extended periods of time. Make sure to choose the correct size. This 63mm stack is for use with the ZeroChlor 75 and ZeroChlor 75 Plus models. Your oxygen stack is very easy to replace on your own. However, if you would prefer to have the oxygen stack replaced professionally we encourage you to search for a recommended installer near you.

Product Details

Name: Small Oxygen Stack (63mm) Alternative Pool Sanitation
Price: 630.0000 USD
Color: Black
Size: 63mm
Age group: adults
Gender: unisex
Brand: ZeroChlor Pool Systems
Barcode #: 787790861669
Registered: Jan 14, 2021
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