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APF Injection Package Automated Swimming Pool Floc

Product Description

The ZeroChlor APF INJECTION PACKAGE The APF Injection Package Deal is a simple way to save big money on automated swimming pool multi-spectrum coagulant and flocculent.. Save $80 when purchasing this package deal. This is what the package includes: 7.5 Gallon Chemical Tank System Fixed Flow Pump. 100 PSI, 3 GPD, 120V, 1/4" Tubing. 10 Gallons of APF All Poly Floc. This item should only be purchased if your pool is equipped with a Dr. Dryden AFM Filter or if you are going to be upgrading to an AFM filter at the time of adding the APF Injection Package to your pool. The APF injection package is for those pool owners who really just want their pool water to be physically filtered to the absolute lowest micron rating possible. APF All Poly Floc is a combined product that not only contains flocculation components but coagulation components as well. It contains 5 active components and therefore covers a wide spectrum of water contaminants. Learn more about the APF product at

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Name: APF Injection Package Automated Swimming Pool Floc
Brand: Stenner and Dryden Aqua
Barcode #: 787790860969
Category: Swimming Pools
Registered: Jan 14, 2021
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Company: ZeroChlor Pool Systems LLC
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