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13 billion per dose of probiotic micro-organisms associated with prebiotics and vitamins essential for the intestinal recolonization process. Citozeatec Technology: a specific designed biodynamic matrix allows: 1) effective protection of probiotic cells during transit in a gastric acid environment and their release in the intestine under vital conditions; 2) ubiquitous interaction at the gastroenteric and hepatic level with the cytochromes P-450, aimed at normalizing peristalsis. The practical presentation in sticks favor the intake at any time and without the need for water, eliminating the need for storage in the refrigerator. The high EPC ("Effective Probiotic Charge") allows a significant reduction in dosage (on average, 1 stick per day) with equally significant savings for the consumer. Citozeatec research experiences about biodynamic enzymologis is an important guarantee for human health. Completed researches, always published in national and international scientific journals, have validated the properties of the particular Biodynamic Food Supplements (IAB) developed by the company, based on Complementary Enzymatic Therapy (TCE), recently defined as the paradigm of each Medical strategy (Prof. Stefano Lenzi, Sanitary Welfare of the Constitutional Court - "Pianeta Salute n. 189, November 2016"). Today, Citozeatec's commitment is also focused on innovative studies aimed at improving the function of newly-conceived probiotics, surpassing the potential risk of possible destruction during the digestive tract. In 2005, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Assolatte (Italian Dairy Association), developed the guidelines for these products, which are valid for all companies and apply to all probiotics sold in Italy. To be called "probiotics", foods and beverages must meet four requirements: • Be made with safe strains for health; • Have microorganisms capable of getting alive and lively in the intestinal tract where they can multiply; • Confer a physiological benefit demonstrated by studies and research; • Contain microorganisms in such quantities as to ensure these beneficial effects, regardless of the "age" of the product. Citozeatec has improved these directives, studying a particular association of microorganisms and bioactive substances. The choice was based on the synergy of probiotic organisms and biodynamic molecules that could optimize the development and therapeutic efficacy of the probiotic strains used. A preliminary study by Citozeatec evaluated the effect of biodynamic preparations on the viability of probiotic microorganisms subjected to physical-chemical and microbiological properties controls, which confirmed that the presence of biodynamic molecules positively influences probiotic growth. In order to limit many of the variables that could be sources of consumer dissatisfaction, with doubts as to the efficacy of the probiotics themselves, with the formulations presently on the market, Citozeatec finances a continuous research activity in collaboration with prestigious Italian University and foreign universities. It is a true guarantee for the scientific community and for consumers. These researches allowed us to evaluate and confirm the quality and efficacy of biodynamic supplements formulated and marketed by the Citozeatec company. Current commitment of Citozeatec focuses on innovative studies aimed at evaluating effective efficacy, vitality, release and permanence in specific sites of its probiotics, overcoming the risk of destruction of microorganisms during the digestive tracs. To this end, a special association of strains and bioactive substances was developed, based on the synergy of prebiotic fiber blends and biodynamic molecules capable of optimizing the development of selected probiotics. The biocompatibility of the strains chosen with other active ingredients or excipients of the formulation and the packaging in the sticks, guarantee the stability of the final preparation, the optimal conservation even outside the "cold chain" and consequent efficacy for the consumer, a direct consequence of maintenance of the vital probiotic microorganisms for the purpose of a specific target in the human intestinal ecosystem. Intestine: "Second Brain" Adequate bacterial flora is the support necessary for the normal functioning of the whole organism, affecting not only the intestinal well-being but the general state of health, both in modulation of the physiological absorption of the nutrients present in the diet, and by the complex nerve interactions that have led to define the intestine the "second brain". In fact, over five hundred million neurons are located here, organized in interconnecting networks, essential for proper gastrointestinal function. The ongoing research activities of Citozeatec it's involved several medical disciplines, including Neurology, where fundamental research was conducted in collaboration with the University of Rome Tor Vergata and with the S. Lucia Foundation. Probiotic P-450 is the first preparation that allows, after oral intake, intestinal release of millions of intact and active, live microorganisms, thanks to the peculiar properties of the biodynamic component that differentiates and characterizes it. In Probiotic P-450, properly selected lactobacillus (Lactobacillus salivarius: SP2 and Lactobacillus casei: BGP93), in the number of 13 millions per dose, are protected from degradation during transit in a gastric acid environment by a biodynamic matrix studied and elaborated not only for this purpose but to stimulate cytochrome P-450 present at gastrointestinal and hepatic level, to normalize peristalsis. Probiotic P-450 also contains prebiotic agents (inulin) and vitamins, useful in the intestinal recolonization process (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D). Probiotic P-450 also allows the production of beta-alanine, a muscle-based amino acid that combines with histidine to form carnosine, a substance capable of protecting muscle tissue from the aging process by blocking free radicals. Fat Transformation by Lipase in fatty acids and glycerol is useful in hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia. The main mechanism by which intestinal flora participates in digestion is that of carbohydrate conversion by releasing organic acids and carbon dioxide. The digestive process of foods is supplemented by lactobacillus that counteract the putrefactive phenomena. In particular, proteins are transformed by proteinases, probiotic enzymes, peptides and amino acids that are more easily assimilable. Probiotics find rational use in several situations: antibiotic-induced diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal inflammation, Helicobacter pylori pathologies, obesity, constipation, impaired mineral absorption, prevention of infections in surgery, urinary tract infections, with particular reference to cystitis, urethritis and bacterial vaginosis, as well as normalization of intestinal function during pregnancy and lactation. Several publications also show the efficacy of probiotics in the case of hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, reduction of probiotic colonization of the intestine under conditions that may damage intestinal bacterial flora (intestinal infections, poisoning, dyspepsia, incorrect eating habits, stress) and colon cancer prevention. Stick packaging allows oral intakte at any time without water, and guarantees the viability of probiotic cells at room temperature without the need to store the product in the refrigerator. The dose suggested, in acute phase, is one stick per day, in adults and in the baby, without any special adjustments, while prophylaxis is sufficient two weekly doses. The administration of Probiotic P- 450 according to the underlying protocol in subjects with severe constipation and spontaneous evacuation actually impossible, showed a recovery of intestinal function from the fourth day, maintained for the entire observation period (30 days) -

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