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• Mineral P-450 is a Food Supplement produced by Citozeatec, the first nutraceutical Research Company engaged in the study and production of innovative biodynamic preparations in order to give concrete answers in terms of benefits for health and well-being. • As a central element, Mineral P-450 is fundamental for the cytochrome P-450 to oxidize xenobiotics (using NADPH as cofactor and O2) with the function of transporting electrons that allow the use of oxygen at cellular level and production of ATP molecules from ADP by means of ATPases. • Enzymes are responsible for the synthesis of amino acids and proteins for the cell, they are structural constituents for the growth and development of various organs and tissues such as: teeth, bones, fibres, etc. and for the regulation of the hydrosaline balance. • Minerals, being chemical elements, cannot be produced by any chemical reaction, therefore no living organism is able to synthesize them autonomously, so they must be introduced through food. THE FUNDAMENTAL ROLE OF ENZYMES The enzymes are coordinated in sequences, they catalyse the numerous reactions through which the nutrients are degraded, extracting energy and small precursors which are in turn used by the new cells for all subsequent reactions. The role of Mineral P-450 is fundamental for the provision of minerals as an enzymatic cofactor; enzymes are highly specific and require isothermal means for their functions. GMO molecules, poisons, synthetic drugs, nitro-samines etc. irreversibly alter cellular metabolism with effects on health and possible genetic mutations. Citozeatec bases its studies on over thirty years of know-how; it is now recognized by the scientific community for its innovative and continuous studies on biodynamic food supplements intended for human use, derived from enzymatic biodynamic agriculture What is meant by biodynamic? Biodynamic means the sequential processing of enzymes in all their cycles: agriculture, industrial transformation, man. Citozeatec products contain an important part of molecular biology and quantum biochemistry, which have made it possible to offer natural remedies in alignment with the physiology of the human cell. There are a number of specific nutrients: vitamins, basic carbohydrates etc. which, together with the enzymatic complex, go towards what we can define the "key sites" of cells in a state of emergency. Mineral P-450 supplies the coenzymes necessary for the synthesis of the molecules, directing them towards specific areas. A new discipline was born from these premises: Clinical Biodynamic Enzymology. MINERAL P-450 Mineral P-450 is the activator of endogenous enzymes, a family of enzymes that is part of the cytochrome P450 monooxygenases and guarantees the coordination of the metabolism. Specifically, some enzymes consist only of polypeptide chains, others instead contain cofactors and/or coenzymes. Cofactors are generally inorganic ions such as Mg, Ca, K, while coenzymes are complex organic molecules (such as FAD: flavin adenine dinucleotide; NAD: nicotinamide, adenine dinucleotide; etc.) which are called prosthetic groups. The fundamental role of MINERAL P-450 in energy metabolism is crucial for an effective neuroprotection of the hippocampal area subjected to ischemic assault, as shown by studies conducted at the University of Rome Tor Vergata (see research The integration of Ca, Mg, K and vitamins, including vitamin D, in the early stages of osteoporosis and osteopenia, is of fundamental importance in primary prevention, in fact the constant removal of calcium, in conditions of metabolic acidosis, leads to a reduction in bone density. Mineral P-450 it is particularly useful after menopause, due to the modifications induced by the lack of oestrogen which lead to a condition of systemic acidosis. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are certainly recommendable, but they do not always represent the most complete approach in the prevention of osteopenia and osteoporosis. The use of MINERAL P-450 represents an intelligent choice to integrate calcium and vitamin D, while providing an adequate supply of Ca, Mg and K, useful in all states of specific deficiency. It is also useful to athletes, due to excessive sweating from intense physical activity and assist other physiological and pathological conditions that share the deficiency of these minerals. The loss of electrolytes gives a feeling of tiredness, muscle cramps and general weakness. MINERAL P-450 helps with the prevention of inflammatory processes, pain and sluggishness in general. SUGGESTED USE We recommend taking 1 stick of MINERAL P-450 in the morning, once a day, for adults and children. The dosage can be increased during sports exercise up to 2 daily doses. MINERAL P-450 is recommended to subjects with known mineral deficiency, to athletes and debilitated patients who need a constant and balanced supply of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, according to the consolidated recommendations of international scientific literature. It should be noted that, in the field of chronic pathologies, MINERAL P-450, like the other Citozeatec biodynamic nutraceuticals, must be used for a period of 4-5 months, with effects and response times that vary from individual to individual, also according to weight, vital state and current pathologies and as integration of the prescribed medical therapy The quickest and most tangible results are evident in athletes, professional and not, and in those involved in an active life, where the readily biodynamic availability of minerals significantly differentiates MINERAL P-450 from all traditional mineral supplements. In aerobic organisms, the citric acid cycle is an amphibolic route; not only does it act in the catabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids, but it also produces precursors for many biosynthetic pathways; Mineral P-450 provides suitable vitamins and mineral salts. Consult your Doctor or Health Care Professional before purchasing or taking any supplement. -

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