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Choosing Sides

Product Description

A 2-4 player combat fantasy, part deck building, and part card placement. On a player's turn, cards are played in a domino-style manner, using all 4 sides of the card. Each player has a starting hand of standard attack and gold cards. Your standard attack cards will be used to reduce your opponent's life total. Your standard gold cards are used to purchase new cards and build an army of Mages, Guardians, Warriors, Alchemists, and Merchants. The purchased cards have multiple values on each side of the card. The values of each class type are as follows: Warrior - Attack Merchant - Gold Guardian - Heal Alchemist - Poison Attack Mage - Draw a card Bonus values are in the middle of each card and are activated if the fist matching side value and middle are the same class type. Use purchased cards to give you an advantage over other players. The game ends and you are declared the winner when all other players are eliminated by reducing their life totals to zero.

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Name: Choosing Sides
Brand: Muse Monk Games
Barcode #: 787790752523
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Registered: Jun 12, 2020
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