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Lure Beauty

Product Description

We have not forgotten our beauty blenders! Makeup beauty blenders are an amazing must-have for every makeup enthusiast out there. But keeping them clean can be a problem, and you don't want to leave your sponges and beauty blenders sitting around, especially when you are trying to avoid some nasty breakouts. So complete your LURE sets with our Lure Beauty Blender Box! Its the perfect dust-free blender protection box that you will immediately fall in love with! Specifications: Length 12 cm Width 12 cm Height 12 cm

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Name: Lure Beauty
Brand: NEAT®
Barcode #: 787790708728
Category: Makeup Display
Registered: Nov 10, 2020
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Company: NEAT®
Contact Last Name: Nahia
Contact First Name: Ahmad
Phone: 0096176769333
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