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Lure Brush

Product Description

The Lure Brush, Our special baby in The LURE collection. What more do you need but to use dust-free brushes while applying your Makeup? Protect your makeup brushes and your skin from dust and other impurities with our Lure Brush! This is all you need to keep your brushes clean and your skin glowing from your makeup routine! Specifications: Length 12 cm Width 12 cm Height 23 cm

Product Details

Name: Lure Brush
Price: 40.00 USD
Condition: new
Color: Transparent
Size: Length 12 cm Width 12 cm Height 23 cm
Age group: adults
Gender: unisex
Brand: NEAT®
Barcode #: 787790708629
Category: Makeup Displays
Registered: Jun 01, 2020
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Name: NEAT®
Phone: 0096176769333
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