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Luxury Absolute

Product Description

Luxury Absolute, a design that is perfect for those with fair counter space. The popular lid area allows for products such as foundations, creams, moisturizers, nail polish, lens solutions, sunblock, and much more to stand upright. To stand bottles upright, simply fold the lid all the way back against the back of the ABSOLUTE! There are a total of 6 pockets in the grid inserts. The grid inserts are very versatile and can be adjusted to create larger pockets on one side by removing a piece. The X insert can also be adjusted by stacking both pieces on the same side creating a larger space on the opposite side. Specifications: 6 Grid Inserts Height 40 cm Width 35 cm Depth 27 cm

Product Details

Name: Luxury Absolute
Brand: NEAT®
Barcode #: 787790708124
Category: Makeup Display
Registered: Jun 01, 2020
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Company: NEAT®
Contact Last Name: Nahia
Contact First Name: Ahmad
Phone: 0096176769333
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