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San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lemon

Product Description

• DISINFECT SURFACES & THE AIR – If you are looking for a way to keep your environment clean and safe, San-X Disinfectant spray will help you keep the air you breathe and surfaces you touch clean and free of any bacteria and viruses that may lead to diseases. • ALCOHOL-BASED – The San-X Disinfectant Spray is alcohol-based. It contains up to 75% ethanol content to ensure that it is most effective against bacteria and viruses that pose a threat to your health and that of your loved ones at all times. This spray has a 99.99% kill rate against disease-causing pathogens in the air and on surfaces. • TWO FLAVORS – More than just a disinfectant spray that keeps you protected against viruses and bacteria, San-X Disinfectant Spray also serves well as an air conditioner. It is available in two flavors; Lemon and Lavender Fresh, to eliminate bad odors. • MULTIPLE-USE – We formulate this disinfectant spray such that it is fit for use in multiple situations. More than just a disinfectant spray that you can use to keep surfaces clean, it is suitable for use in bathrooms, cars, and your kitchen as well. • CONVENIENT PACKAGING – We offer you convenience in how we package this disinfectant spray to ensure that it is always safe for use and does not pose any threat to your health and those around you. It comes in a 500ml aluminum can with a leak-proof cap that ensures zero leakages and difficult use for kids.

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Name: San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lemon
Brand: San-X
Barcode #: 787790536857
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Registered: Nov 06, 2020
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