Barcode 787790186595

Makeup Hand Palette

Product Description

The Makeup Hand Palette is perfect for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts to wear while applying makeup on themselves or on others. This convenient palette is the perfect hands-free solution for mixing liquid and cream products. The handy palette makes it easy to blend makeup without messy stains on the back of your hands. A beauty must-have! - Easy to clean - Hygienic -100% Acrylic -Mix your foundations, creams, lipsticks and much more.

Product Details

Name: Makeup Hand Palette
Price: $14.99 USD
Condition: new
Color: Clear
Size: 118*106*46mm
Age group: adults
Gender: unisex
Brand: Lina Zuniga Makeup
Barcode #: 787790186595
Category: Makeup
Registered: Aug 02, 2020
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Business Details

Name: Lina Zuniga Makeup
Phone: 3059347499
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