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The Brandster Beard Oil - Tobacco

Tobacco flavored Beard Oil by The Brandster

Product Description

It's astonishing how certain smells can suddenly bring you back to the past in a single sniff. When you inhale this particular Tobacco oil, you will be reminded of the sweet and smoky scent of tobacco leaf from an old school, burl wood pipe. This oil may conjure up memories of a gentleman perched at the edge of the fireplace, the crack and hiss of a match being lit and the tranquil spirals of smoke wafting around the room. You may remember welcome words of advice being spoken and the way time seemed to stand still as you listened. For those lucky enough to have had such experiences, those pleasant images will surround you whenever you use our Tobacco Beard Oil.

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Name: The Brandster Beard Oil - Tobacco
Brand: The Brandster
Barcode #: 787790105015
Category: Shaving & Grooming
Registered: Dec 23, 2019
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Company: The Brandster NZ
Contact Last Name: Nirav
Contact First Name: Shah
Phone: 0064204433555
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