Barcode 787790080961

Port Grill Stanchion

for 2014 and Later Yamaha Jet Boats

Product Description

The JEWLS* Grill Stanchion is a stainless steel leg that has been designed and manufacturered to support a Magma Grill off of the stern of many Yamaha boats. It puts the grill out over the water (be careful! not to drop anything in the water!) so that any grease drippings do not wind up in the boat. Fits 2014 and later Yamaha Boats, using the V-Shaped Garelick wedge mount.

Product Details

Name: Port Grill Stanchion
Brand: JEWLS
Barcode #: 787790080961
Category: Boating
Registered: Nov 10, 2020
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Company: JEWLS Customs
Contact Last Name: John
Contact First Name: Skurka
Phone: 6072270130
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