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EasyPeasie Veggies, Red Blend, 2LB Eco-Size

Veggie Sprinkles for Picky Eaters

Product Description

Simply veggies – carrots, beets, peas, butternut squash! Veggie fight? Not tonight! Dad got it right with EasyPeasie! With EasyPeasie, you have a fun, easy, and convenient tool for early flavor learning and vegetable palate priming. You can also rest assured knowing you can sneak in a little veggie nutrition when the kids are resisting or your family is on-the-go! Awesome job! You’re helping your kids get used to vegetables with every sprinkle! #winning You’re sneaking in good, non-GMO veggie nutrition (protein, fiber, Vitamin A, and more!) even when the kids are resisting #shhh #love Save your money! Each pouch or bulk bag is LOTS of veggie servings that won't spoil in your fridge this week! #chaching You’ve got a healthy seasoning! Add flavor and color to your meals without adding salt or artificial sweeteners! #yum You’re the fun dad! Let the kids play with their food making great colors and flavors with Red #wegotthebeets #beetsmode You’re the best for supporting American jobs! #americastrong Kids and grown-ups alike will be WOWed by Red — our best blend of carrots, peas, squash, and beets. Watching your food and drinks slowly take on the beautiful warm color of beets is simply magical! You’ll be amazed by the vibrant color, yet mild veggie taste of Red Blend. It seamlessly blends with everything (including "yo pudding" as featured on Good Day Orlando), and can be a sugar substitute in many recipes. Everyone in the family will have fun with Red. This one is most popular at our Parkland Farmer's Market and is Dr. Tucker’s favorite :)

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Name: EasyPeasie Veggies, Red Blend, 2LB Eco-Size
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Color: Red
Size: 2LB
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Brand: EasyPeasie
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Registered: Jun 12, 2020
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