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EasyPeasie Blue Blend

Veggie Sprinkles for Picky Eaters

Product Description

Simply veggies – carrots, peas, butternut squash – PLUS spirulina! Veggie fight? Not tonight! Mom got it right with EasyPeasie! With EasyPeasie, you have a fun, easy, and convenient tool for early flavor learning and vegetable palate priming. You can also rest assured knowing you can sneak in a little veggie nutrition when the kids are resisting or your family is on-the-go! Blue Blend is our classic EasyPeasie Natural Blend (carrots, peas, and butternut squash) PLUS spirulina blue color. Spirulina is a healthy blue-green algae that adds antioxidants, B12, and a beautiful aqua blue color to food and drinks! Kids and grown-ups alike will be WOWed by Blue! Watching your food and drinks slowly take on the amazing color of blue spirulina is simply magical!

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Name: EasyPeasie Blue Blend
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Barcode #: 752830513792
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