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Harley Chrome Rotor Bolt Kit (5 pcs.)

Product Description

* These bolts are made from grade 10.9 steel that’s been polished and chromed - high strength and great looks, too.
* Get rid of the ugly hardware and improve this important detail on your front wheel!
* This is a great replacement of the esthetically challenged OEM hardware at a very competitive price! Check out the pictures.
* Includes 5 grade 10.9 chromed steel bolts, 5 chromed spacers and 5 stainless steel spring washers.
* Makes for a great Christmas present!

* Our Titanium GR 5 rotor bolts are designed to replace OEM rotor bolts, spacers and wave springs used on 2014 later touring models.
* Please note that these bolts will only fit one-piece rotors as used on OEM wheels such as the ‘Enforcer’, ‘Impeller’ and others set up for the same type of one-piece floating rotor.

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Name: Harley Chrome Rotor Bolt Kit (5 pcs.)
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