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Harley Dual Remote Control Garage Door Opener (Grip Switch) 1996-2013 black

Product Description

* OEM-Style Garage Door Opener for your Harley
* High quality (aluminum and not plastic!)
* Fits Harleys 1996 - 2013 with OEM handlebar controls
* Waterproof! Switch and Remote Sending Unit are protected from the elements!
* Tested to work with the leading electric garage door openers in America

FEATURES: *Easy to install
*Waterproof! IP65/IP67 rated (please do not pressure-wash)
*Control button mount style-matched to OEM mounts
*1 year warranty

* Aluminum switch base - NO PLASTIC
* Complete kit that is pre-wired. Instructions can be found on our website
* Has been tested with common brands in the North-American: LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, and many others
* To be installed on the left side replacing your clutch control mount (models 1996-up) conveniently easy to reach
* Operates on your bike’s 12V DC circuit - no battery to replace. We recommend plugging it into the accessory power port
* A broad variety of electric garage door and gate openers with rolling and fixed code systems can be programmed as long as a functioning OEM remote control is available. We have successfully tested a few common fixed code garage door openers (dip switch encoded). As a rule of thumb – if your electric door or gate opener can be programmed to work with the remote control your car came with - then the GeezerGlide Remote Control works as well.

* Note: Not compatible with MyQ systems
* Note: The remote control switch bracket will fit Road Glides 2015 and later model controls - however wider control clamps need to be replaced with the standard size clamps used on all other Harley models from 1996-up. As an added benefit, replacing the wide bracket with a standard bracket will allow adjusting the angle of the controls by eliminating the dowel pin.

* Remote Sending Unit, all wiring including waterproof connectors and Remote Control Switch with integrated push buttons and indicator LEDs (installs left side, replaces OEM clutch control mount). Cable length between the Clutch Control Mount and the Remote Sending Unit is 39" and between Remote Sending Unit and Power Connector is 48").

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Name: Harley Dual Remote Control Garage Door Opener (Grip Switch) 1996-2013 black
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