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Harley GR5 Titanium Rotor Bolt Kit (10 pcs.)

Product Description

* Our rotor bolts were designed for high strength and great looks too. Get rid of the ugly hardware and improve this important detail on your front wheel!
* GR5 Titanium is extremely light weight but is as strong as many high grade steel types! GeezerGlide® titanium rotor bolts are CNC machined and then polished to a great looking sheen that goes well with stainless steel and chrome. Check out the pictures.
* Includes 10 GR5 titanium bolts and 10 stainless steel spring washers, packed adequately in a nice jewelry box! ???? Makes for a great Christmas present….
* Our titanium bolts already have thread locker on them so you don't have to worry about it. In case you need to uninstall the bolts the thread locker remnants need to be removed and new thread locker needs to be applied before installing the bolts again. Please refer to your OEM manual for proper installation procedures.

* Our Titanium GR 5 rotor bolts are designed to replace OEM rotor bolts, spacers and wave springs used on 2014 later touring models. Please note that these bolts will only fit one-piece rotors as used on OEM wheels such as the ‘Enforcer’, ‘Impeller’ and others set up for the same type of one-piece floating rotor.

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Name: Harley GR5 Titanium Rotor Bolt Kit (10 pcs.)
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