Barcode 748252685704

Sapere Aude Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling Rosé, Sustainable, California Sparkling, Vegan, Charmont Method, Napa Valley, Pink

Product Description

A bright and clean sparkling rosé that pops with crisp ripened strawberry and raspberry aromas over a hint of toast and complexity. Firm acid and very fine bubbles give the wine a silky texture and mouthfeel. The sustainably farmed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for this sparkling wine are harvested early for delicate flavor, lower alcohol, and a brilliant tinge of tart crispness. Vegan.

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Name: Sapere Aude Sparkling Rosé
Brand: Sparkling Wine
Barcode #: 748252685704
Category: Sparkling Wine, Rosé
Registered: Apr 16, 2021
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Company: Sapere Aude Sparkling
Contact Last Name: Pampata
Contact First Name: Airaudi
Phone: 3104336148
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