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Elysees Professional Botox hair shampoo contains a repair molecule that will enter into the open and damage cortex, fibers of the hair to seal and repair breakages. It will help very sensitive or weak hair recover its natural condition. It's an ideal choice for the hair damaged by too much coloring and bleaching with oxidation, styling with heat by the hair dryer or hair straightener, humidity and UV light through the sunlight. The repair molecules available in this product won't recondition the surface of the hair only , but it will penetrates into hair fiber, rebuilding it from the core outwards and will protect the hair from further damage. In addition, it will cover the hair and will protect against the external ecological effects. This special product contains many active molecules that will work, help to repair, to make the hair smooth, healthy and shiny for the longest time possible. This product contains the necessary vitamins A, B, C, D, E, hydrolyzed Botox and protein by different proportions to match the needs of each damage hair. For effective results, we recommend to use this product with the remain Elysees family products.How to use: Apply to wet hair, using the amount required according to the condition of the hair. Carry out a second application, rinse thoroughly. Do not apply if scalp was irritated or damaged. If there is any irritation of the scalp, discontinue its use. Keep out of reach of children. Contains sun filter. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

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