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This expert Elysees collagen repair is formulated specifically for the damaged hair with it indicated ingredients to revitalize and replenish the proteins needed for healthy hair. The collagen ingredient gives the hair the natural shine and the healthy look while eliminating tangles, dryness and unruly hair. This collagen repair system is a mixture of natural and trusted source ingredients combined with hydrolyzed keratin to eliminate the damaged parts and to give back the strength, health and shine look to the hair. The combination of that hydrolyzed collagen with the heat, will allow the molecule of collagen to enter into the fiber of the hair to reach the cortex and to replace the damaged collagen molecule by rebuilding one. It will repair the hair, and give the necessary protection against the external effects or even against the effect of the hair bleaching and oxidation coloring. This product contains the necessary vitamins, hydrolyzed Botox, keratin, collagen and protein by different proportions to match the needs of each hair. Application step process: 1.On a cleaned hair, washed with Elysees shampoo before starting the process, apply the necessary amount of the product on the hair, and for best result keep it on the hair from 30-45 min before processing to next steps. 2.Divide the hair into sections and start ironing each part with a professional straightener with a heat degree above 200 oC. This process will help the product to enter into the deep fibers of the hair. 3. For the best result we advise to use the specific hair mask from Elysees brand for 5 minutes and rinse out the hair with the specific Elysees shampoo. 4. With a blow dryer, the hair should be dry and to be sure that all water is removed from it without any humidity that will remain into the hair. 5. For long-lasting result, we recommend using the family products of Elysees Professional cosmetic.

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