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Giga-Robo: Assault of The Armada Expansion

Product Description

Expand your Giga-Robo roster! Terroch Arkan is one of the 8 Zoider Terrochs—warrior kings that each wield an almighty Giga-Core and command their own armada. Terroch Arkan has no Power Token limit, allowing for full Activation of his robot’s abilities, and aggressive dice advantage, demoralizing his foes, and then eradicating them with raw, unbridled power. ShinOkami is a ferocious machine, running into the fray with a frenzy of combo attacks. It can uniquely interact with Barriers, setting them up across the battlefield and then warping itself, and its attacks, through them, constantly keeping your opponents guessing where it will unleash its fury next!

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Name: Giga-Robo: Assault of The Armada Expansion
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Registered: Jul 16, 2019
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