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All-Purpose Soothing Balm

Product Description

An All-Natural, Vegan, Petroleum-Free Balm for Eyes, Cheeks, Lips, and MORE! Inspired by our kid (Viv) who used to walk around with a tub of petroleum jelly for all the scratches, scrapes, and irritated skin that a l'il redhead could encounter. PETROLEUM JELLY?! We said NO WAY, and came up with this multi-use formula. The result? An all-natural, all-purpose balm – perfect for chapped lips, cracked cuticles, rough skin, chafed cheeks, and “other” sore parts. Viv-O-lene is also a great satin-y lip gloss, highlighter, and cosmetic primer.

Product Details

Name: Viv-O-Lene
Price: 14 USD
Condition: new
Color: white
Size: 1 ounce
Age group: adults
Gender: unisex
Brand: A Beautiful Life Brands
Barcode #: 653341415141
Category: Beauty
Registered: Oct 29, 2020
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Name: A Beautiful Life Brands
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