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Womens Satin Short Sleeve Loungewear Short Set

Satin, Silk, Pajamas. Pajama, Loungewear, Nighty, Short set, Short pajamas, two piece,

Product Description

This is how I’m showing up to "Ladies Night In" and posing for the pics, you know, for the memories. Dreamy Dreams is the short, two piece, satin pajama set that every girl should have ready for ladies night. Satin Comfortable Pocket on front chest Pearl button Elastic waist

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Name: Womens Satin Short Sleeve Loungewear Short Set
Brand: Sommeil de Beaute
Barcode #: 644216427536
Category: Loungewear
Registered: Sep 17, 2021
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Company: Sommeil de Beaute
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Contact First Name: Eaton
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