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Lawn Kelper 32 oz.

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Product Description

Turf Titan’s Lawn Kelper is your lawn and garden helper. Turf Titan has sourced the highest quality seaweed and kelp extracts to provide your lawn & garden the natural food it needs for optimum health, growth and vigor. Lawn Kelper is has been proven on millions of acres to mitigate environmental stresses to your lawn caused by heat and drought. Layer Lawn Kelper with other Turf Titan products such as Root Booster and Lawn Commander for next level results. • What is it? o A high potency seaweed extract enhanced with Amino Acids o Natural lawn and plant food o Choice/Prime/Best/High Quality Seaweed and Kelp Extract • What does it do? o Stimulates plant growth, mineral uptake, and plant vigor o Allows your lawn and plants to tolerate stress from heat, wind, drought conditions and more. o Increases the transfer of fertilizer o Creates a healthy strong lawn o Keeps your lawn green and mean o Mitigates stress in your lawn during the harshest conditions o Improves your lawns health and vigor o Provides soil penetrating technologies to ensure nutrient uptake o Helps regulate soil pH • What is it good for? o Improves lawn health and vigor o Protects your lawn during the most stressful times of the year. o Perfect for all grass types o Perfect for indoor plants and gardens o Non-Toxic- No Pesticides

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Name: Lawn Kelper 32 oz.
Brand: Turf Titan
Barcode #: 644216412037
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