Barcode 644216069033

Long Shot Black

Single Stick

Product Description

An impressive cut, this cigar has a clear elegance from the first puff, with a real burnability and pleasant lubrication. On one end, this cigar has punchy flavors and a notable presence, and on the other, it is elegant with refined aromas. This blend is achieved by carefully combining 9 years of aged tobacco to deliver an experience that truly stimulates the senses. This cigar lures you in from the first draw, as it is an elegant, eclectic, and dense model.

Product Details

Name: Long Shot Black
Price: 57 USD
Condition: new
Color: Black
Size: 5 x 68
Age group: adults
Brand: El Septimo Geneva
Barcode #: 644216069033
Category: Cigars
Registered: Mar 18, 2020
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Business Details

Name: El Septimo Geneva
Phone: 8187039600
Business Website: