Barcode 644216066339

Double-Jet Torch Lighter & Punch

Product Description

This black & gold double-jet torch flame lighter serves a dual purpose as a lighter and puncher all-in-one. The double-jet flame has a high pressure injection with an ultra-high temperature blue flame. The firepower is easily regulated using butane fuel, as the lighter even comes with a retro-ignition lighter flint to easily replace flint. The cigar punch at the bottom of the lighter offers a ring gauge of 25. Made of copper/zinc alloy and stainless steel, this lighter, which comes in a beautiful gift box with a cloth bag, makes the perfect gift or accessory to properly light-up your premium El Septimo Cigar! ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

Product Details

Name: Double-Jet Torch Lighter & Punch
Brand: El Septimo Geneva
Barcode #: 644216066339
Category: Lighters
Registered: Aug 02, 2021
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Company: El Septimo Geneva
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Contact First Name: Younan
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