Barcode 644216065738

Kolosso Amethyst Piramide

Single Stick

Product Description

Endowed with an impressive 60’ ring, this cigar has complex aromas and a controlled strength, creating a perfect balance. This perfect late evening cigar’s cut, length, and blend creates an elegant and exceptional combination. With a controlled strength, the complex aromas are not overpowering, but are delicate with flavors of smooth leather and dark licorice. The profile evolves to sweeter notes of licorice, marzipan, and salted caramel. Suitable for connoisseurs looking for perfection.

Product Details

Name: Kolosso Amethyst Piramide
Price: 71 USD
Condition: new
Color: Purple and Gold
Size: 6 x 60
Age group: adults
Brand: El Septimo Geneva
Barcode #: 644216065738
Category: Cigars
Registered: Jun 22, 2020
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Business Details

Name: El Septimo Geneva
Phone: 8187039600
Business Website: