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Tiny Terrarium Real Live Pet Plant - 6 Pack

2" Miniature Cacti / Succulents in Glass Dome Terrariums

Product Description

These Pet Plants are tiny live cacti or succulents in a small glass terrarium. Take it with you anywhere you go! They require little maintenance...simply water once a month and give it a little sunlight. After about 6 months you can transplant it into a larger container and continue to watch it grow. No green thumb needed here! Your new pet plant comes with a keychain clip/string or you can hang on a necklace, hang from your rear-view mirror, add a magnet and mount to your fridge, hang on your is so versatile! You can remove the glass dome a create a miniature office garden, then pack it up and take it with you easily.

Product Details

Name: Tiny Terrarium Real Live Pet Plant - 6 Pack
Price: 24.99 USD
Condition: new
Color: Green
Size: 2"
Age group: adults
Brand: OmazeBalls
Barcode #: 644216040339
Category: plants
Registered: Dec 21, 2019
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