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8oz Salted Grass-Fed Hand Rolled >84% Butter

Product Description

8 oz Grass-Fed European-Style Hand Rolled Butter This fresh grass-fed milk is delivered directly from single farm, pasture grazing cows who roam free the entire 365 days of the year and are non-GMO. Beautiful deep yellow in color and delicious flavor profiles. Our Grass-Fed butter contains over 84% butterfat content making it perfect for baking and the low moisture content makes it ideal for use at higher cooking temperatures! Remains fresh in the fridge for 6+ months or in the freezer for 12+ months!

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Name: 8oz Salted Grass-Fed Hand Rolled >84% Butter
Brand: Sawatch Artisan Foods
Barcode #: 850018346078
Category: Dairy
Registered: Dec 09, 2020
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Company: Sawatch Artisan Foods
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