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Liven Up Facial Spray

facial spray, hydrosol, aromatherapy, essential oils

Product Description

The perfection beyond improvement to shrink the appearance of pores and cleanse your skin instantly is the beauty of Liven Up Facial Spray. It is mixed with citrus oils to cheer up your mind and soothe your body. Use it as per your requirement and get a glowing skin within seconds! This toner will give a perfect pH Balance (naturally occurring skin oil level) when your skin oil balance is disturbed due to various reasons. An additional protective layer is added with Liven Up that tightens cell gaps after cleansing. This helps in zero penetration of the air-impurities & other natural pollutants into your skin pores! Not only does it act as a humectant (binding moisture to the skin) but also refreshes your skin. Get a radiant skin when you are on-the-go by using Liven Up Facial Spray. 8 oz.

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Name: Liven Up Facial Spray
Brand: Awakening Spirit
Barcode #: 793888998940
Category: facial spray, hydrosol
Registered: Oct 14, 2021
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Company: Awakening Spirit, Inc.
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