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Vacation In A Jar Bath Salt

bath salt, relaxing, aromatherapy, essential oils

Product Description

This product has been working its magic for its savvy users since it was introduced into the market. The potency of this Bath Salt has made it one of the most celebrated beauty products in recent times. It sets you on a flight that guarantees that you make rich impressions on the hearts of everyone that you encounter. There is nothing as smooth as blending your values and style in a sublime fashion statement. It sets you apart and makes you a symbol of elegance anywhere you go. The sheer aura that comes from the fragrance of this product will make your day. 8 oz.

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Name: Vacation In A Jar Bath Salt
Brand: Awakening Spirit, Inc.
Barcode #: 793888994447
Category: bath salt
Registered: Oct 12, 2021
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Company: Awakening Spirit, Inc.
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