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2 Pin Barrel Plate Carbine Gas Tube

Product Description

223 QRB Barrel Locking Plate QRB WORKS FOR ALL CALIBERS THAT OPERATE ON AR-15 UPPER RECEIVERS The QRB Kit can only be used on Barrels with a maximum outside diameter of 0.985" and Free Float Hand Guards with a maximum width of 2.0" Also the QRB will add 1.5" to the length of your free floating hand guard. For Caliber or Barrel Length Change - Includes Barrel Plate and Gas Tube. The 2-Pin option is the Military Model Currently in use by the United States Air Force. Proudly made in the USA - that means something to us. NOTE: If you have a GEN-1 QRB, The 2-Pin version will not work.

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Name: 2 Pin Barrel Plate Carbine Gas Tube
Brand: Cry Havoc Tactical Inc.
Barcode #: 793888121010
Registered: Aug 23, 2021
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