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The simplest way to compost is to create a pile or heap in the yard, tending to it as necessary. Situate it in a dry, shady spot close to a water source if possible. Clear a space in your yard or garden, exposing bare soil. Build a base layer of straw or twigs. A few inches help provide good drainage. Add layers of materials to be composted one at a time, alternating between brown and green materials. Incorporate Benefit Compost Primer to start decomposition. Open packet and sprinkle contents on the pile if using the single use packet. If using the large pack of Benefit Compost Primer, use 2-3 teaspoons sprinkled across the pile. Keep the pile moist. It’s recommended that the materials should feel like a damp sponge – wet enough that you can feel the water, but not so wet you can squeeze water out if you grab a handful. Turn the compost pile every couple of weeks to allow the center of the pile to “heat up”. Aeration provides oxygen to the microorganisms involved in the composting process and mixes the pile.

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