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Blossom Shades Beauty Blender

Product Description

If you're looking for the perfect and best makeup beauty blender sponge, then our Beauty Blenders are a first choice, they are made of eco-friendly material that will not cause damage to your skin. Perfect for baking, reaches the tiniest edges, and most of all, no cakey looks. The Aqua Shades Beauty Blender sponges flawlessly apply foundation, liquid concealer, primer, and other makeup without leaving uneven areas or streaks. The Ultimate Makeup Tool, A professional finish and flawless complexion every time, Durable, non-disposable, provides effortless and fast application. Don't just use it to apply your makeup—it can help refresh your look throughout the day as well.

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Name: Blossom Shades Beauty Blender
Brand: NEAT®
Barcode #: 787790703822
Category: Beauty Blenders Sponges
Registered: Nov 10, 2020
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