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Harley LED Light Bulb Turn Signals (red) fits 1157 socket

Product Description

* New GeezerGlide TURN SIGNALS – exchange your existing Turn Signals with our bright LED Lights (available either in red or amber). 1 set contains 2 bulbs.
* Easy to swap out – no wires to deal with! Just remove your current bulb and replace it with our LED bulb with a quick twist. Fits all Harley bullet style turn signals with 1157 sockets.
* Durable – our LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours and may outlast your Harley’s lifespan. Covered by our extended 24 months warranty too!
* Compatibility: 2013 and earlier bikes may need our GeezerGlide load equalizer, which is available separately or as part of a complete set.

* All Harleys with bullet style lights of turn signals that have 1157 type bulbs (Street Glide, Road Glide, Sportster, many Softail models, VROD, etc.)

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Name: Harley LED Light Bulb Turn Signals (red) fits 1157 socket
Brand: GeezerGlide
Barcode #: 748252786821
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Registered: Jan 09, 2021
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