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Jojoba has a natural nutty aroma. Our Naked Jojoba has no additional essential oils, so you are free to enjoy its natural scent. Or, have fun adding your own oils to create a unique aromatherapy blend. Jojoba is one of the most versatile moisturizers that nature produces. It is a hypoallergenic non-greasy oil-like hydrating product that comes from cold pressing a seed. Jojoba can literally, be used head to toe. Since it is a near identical match to our bodies sebaceous glands, our skin happily absorbs and incorporates Jojoba without drying or leaving a greasy residue. Talk about versatility…It can be used as a finishing oil on your hair, a facial cleanser, a body moisturizer, a personal lubricant, and most other hydrating needs. For the most irritable and reactive skin, Jojoba is completely accepted by the pores, and then incorporated into your bodies moisture & hydration levels. Jojoba is a natural approach to psoriasis since it penetrates and therefore calms the irritated area. Jojoba is calming for the skin of people suffering from eczema. It is gentle enough when offering a massage to a newborn baby.

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