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Mullein Tincture, 1 oz

Mullein, tincture, lung health, expectorant, colds, flu, asthma, pneumonia

Product Description

Mullein Tincture is a herbal extract made from the leaves of the Mullein plant. Mullein leaves have long been recognized for their expectorant properties, making them an excellent choice for promoting healthy lung function. This 1 oz bottle of Mullein Tincture is a convenient and effective way to support respiratory health. By loosening mucus and promoting its expulsion, Mullein Tincture helps to clear the airways and improve breathing. Whether you're dealing with a cough, congestion, or other respiratory issues, Mullein Tincture can provide relief and support. Add this natural remedy to your wellness routine and experience the benefits of Mullein for yourself.

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Name: Mullein Tincture, 1 oz
Brand: Northern Elderberry
Barcode #: 734038825464
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Registered: Dec 29, 2023
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