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100% Organic Hemp Leaf and Floral Superfood Juice powder. The nutrients + cannabidiolic acids in JuiceTiva™ 100% Natural Hemp Juice Powder is a Serotonin Booster and supports: STRESS, MOOD, FOCUS, GUT: BRAIN HEALTH, WORK OUT RECOVERY A HEALTHY PLANET just one scoop a day! READY-TO-MIX, STIR, SHAKE or BLEND into your daily smoothie, juice, coffee, tea or 12 oz. of hot/cold water. Store in a cool dry place. Suggested Serving: 1 Gram/Day. Flavor: 100% Natural Hemp

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Name: Juicetiva™ Hemp Juice 10 day Natural
Barcode #: 691835751993
Registered: Dec 31, 1969
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