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Surface Igniter DS020KX OEM Range Replacement igniter is made of the same materials and specifications as the OEM requires. The igniter is CSA-approved RoHS and Reach Complaint; It comes with the Prop 65 Warning. The DS020KX replaces |GE WB13K21 | AP2020569 | 2494 | WB13K21 | WB13K0012 | WB13K0013 | WB13K0014 | WB13K0021 | WB13K10009 | WB13K10026 | WB13K12 | WB13K13 | WB13K14 |. The flat-style oven igniter kit has a mounting bracket and a wire connector with a plug. The igniter kit is used to light the oven burner. If your oven does not heat up properly, the igniter kit may need to be replaced. This flat-style gas oven igniter has a body length of 3-3/4 inches. When completing this repair, the connector plug might need to be removed and spliced to the range wiring using porcelain wire nuts. Before you begin this repair, you can just disconnect the power source from the oven, and then shut off the gas supply.

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Name: WB13K21 GE Replacement Igniter
Barcode #: 691835749891
Registered: Dec 31, 1969
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