Barcode 644216547937

Hose End Thatch Buster 32 oz.

Microbes, Beneficial bacteria, fertilizer, lawn, grass, soil amendment

Product Description

Part Number TT32TBS. Thatch Buster’s powerful microbes naturally decompose thatch buildup and other organic waste and convert it to a sustainable food source for your lawn. The natural formula leaves soil well-aerated, eliminating the need for messy, high-stress mechanical aeration. The microbe-softened soil improves water dispersion and root penetration for a strong, healthy lawn that can stand up to drought-like conditions.

Product Details

Name: Hose End Thatch Buster 32 oz.
Brand: Turf Titan
Barcode #: 644216547937
Category: lawn & garden, soil amendments
Registered: Mar 24, 2022
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Company: Turf Titan Brands a division of BW Fusion
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