Member Benefits



The Barcode Registry offers the following premium benefits to our members to help maximize the usefulness and reach of your product barcodes.

Link Your Company / Product Details with your Barcode

The Barcode Registry is the fastest way to link your company and product details to your new barcode number. Simply fill out the registration form for each of your barcodes with your company and product details. This information will then be automatically published to our proprietary database and make verification of your barcode for retailers extremely fast and easy.

Automatic Google Product Feed Generation

For every barcode and product you register, the tedious process of creating a properly formatted Google Product Feed will be automatically taken care of for you. This will save you a great deal of time and frustration. This downloadable feed can then be used to easily submit your products to dozens of online marketplaces such as Best Buy, EBay, and many more.

A Dedicated, Google-indexed Web Page for each Registered Barcode

Every barcode and product that is registered is given its own dedicated web page with its own URL. This webpage will be indexed weekly by Google and is an easy means for prospective retailers or customers to find you.

Unlimited Barcode and Product Registrations

Membership includes free registration for your first 10 barcodes and their associated products.  An unlimited amount of additional registrations can then easily be purchased at the discounted member rate.

Automatic Submission to & BarcodeAPP

Once your barcode and product are registered, they will be automatically submitted to – the verification database used by Google’s Jet and several other large online retailers. Your barcodes and products will also be submitted to BarcodeAPP – the #1 barcode verification scanning App.

Certificates of Registration to Protect Your Barcodes from Pirating and Fraud

Listing your UPC barcode and products with The Barcode Registry protects your barcode numbers from unauthorized usage. With each barcode registration you can download an Official Registry date-time stamped certificate verifying your barcode/product association.

The Barcode Registry