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Jalapeno Chakri

Jalapeno Chakri

Product Description

Jalapeno Chakri is our twist on the original. We use crushed, dried jalapeno flakes to it a kick. When you first bite into it, you will get the savory, super crunchy texture of the original. After a few moments, you should feel the jalapeno heat creep up the back of your throat that won’t be overpowering. Each bite cleanses the palate so you taste the buttery, crunchy texture each time; however the heat will creep up and build with time. This is a great snack to eat with a cold beer or - like the original - used to dip into something ‘cooling’. It is gluten free.

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Name: Jalapeno Chakri
Price: 4.49 USD
Condition: new
Size: 6oz
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Brand: Gharana Foods
Barcode #: 689076424660
Category: cracker
Registered: Sep 18, 2017
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